Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hi everyone! Mom has been on me about making a blog (whatever that is..). I guess now I get to write about my life and all my adventures!

Mom and grandma took me to the vet this morning. I just wanted to sleep, but someone woke me up. And as if waking me up wasn't bad enough, they stuck a really long stick in my bum. Jerks.

The good news - I am a healthy little girl! Everyone what really excited about that.
The bad news - I have to come back next week for a shot. Boo.

I've been hanging out with my Aunt Ally all weekend. She is fun. I am excited about seeing her sometimes on the weekend!

It's starting to snow outside, so I think I may go take a nap.


Fran said...

We love you Maeby Shea!

Frannycakes and Dick Dick

JEJ said...


Maeby said...

I just finished eating. I love sleeping on a full belly!

JEJ said...

oh me too girl, me too.