Sunday, May 4, 2008

Birds and Bandannas

Less than a week and I am off of "doggie rest" - even though Mom has been really nice in letting me play with Lola and Dixie (two of my friends). I think I am all right. I have only limped once since my vet visit and it was on the opposite leg and only for a day off and on - Mom is for-sure that it is growing pains.

While I am on "rest" I have done a lot of this...

I am just amazed with birds! I could watch them all day long if I didn't want to nap instead! Mom has a feeder out there and those birds are everywhere, all day long! Some times I catch a large bug crawling across the patio, but I zoom in on them only when there are no birds in sight.

So that's what I am up to.

I have another friend, Lexi, she is a boxer as well. Lexi's mom makes really cool bandannas and sells them. See, Lexi was being her boxer self and when some medicine (that wasn't hers) feel on the floor, she took it upon herself to get rid of it - she ate it all. Needless to say she was sent to the doggie hospital and gave her Mommy a huge bill - so her mom makes and sells really cool bandannas to help pay for the bill. Here is the link to her site - she has lots of information (including pictures!). So go!!