Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hey New Friends!

Mom has been really mean lately. All I ever hear from her is "NO!" But I think when she is yelling at me, I'm supposed to stop doing something, I'm not quite sure yet...

Crate training is not fun. I was in the room all by myself, locked in a cage, and all I wanted was Mommy! I was so scared I accidentally made a mess. It wasn't as bad as the first time - now that one was bad!

Enough about that, I don't want to talk anymore about crates!

OH! In case you didn't know, mom has a blog too. She write about me sometimes.

Mom and dad took me to the store yesterday. They bought me a new elephant that squeaks - I LOVE IT!!! They also bought me some doggie crack, a.k.a. Dingos!

I've learn a new great game! Tug-of-war! I'm really good at it - I'll be even better when I get bigger. No one will ever beat me!

Oh yeah, I have made a couple of blog friends, hey y'all! I'm excited about reading what you are doing. I love making friends!!


Fran said...

Hey precious! I need to have Grace Darling call you and give you some tips on crate training...well....maybe not. She has gone through some of the same things you have been going through...walking around in...rolling around in....you get my drift.

Weezie says hey. She wants you to come visit but doesn't want you to think she will have anything to do with you...just so you know. AND....she wants you to know that you will need to bring your own bed because she will no longer allow other dogs...er relatives....to sleep on hers.

So hurry and come visit. And tell your momma and daddy to post more pictures of you. You are so cute!

KB said...

hi maeby! mommy said ew when i told her your mom went to state but then she told me not everyone can be tarheels, whatever that means. :)

i'm so glad to see you posting away - sorry about your accidents. i used to have them a lot, but have gotten much better so keep trying!!!

also, tell your mom that my mom has a couple suggestions for her and to send her your email to mine: kaisertheboxer@gmail.com.

keep up the good work, i know it can be tough!

JEJ said...

my mommy said your mommy is a tarhole.

Bella the Boxer said...

Hi Maeby, thanks for visiting my blog. You sure are cute! Don't worry about the accidents, we all had them as pups. It happens. And in six months your Mom won't even remember being sleep deprived, she'll just wish you were still as small as you are now! I also think you'll come to love your crate...I hated it when I was tiny, but now it's my little happy place.

xoxo - Bella

Mack said...

Hi pretty baby Boxer!
Wow you are little! I saw you over at Kaiser's place and thought I would come over and say hi. My mom loves boxers. And everyone knows there is nothing more irresistable than boxer pups!
Look forward to seeing more pictures of you!