Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I don't like that camera! I think I will go hide in my new favorite spot - under the bed!!

Hey guys and gals!

Mom has finally given me a toy that plays back - a water bottle! Those things roll and move all over the place. They are crazy! When I finally get my little mouth around the bootle, I know victory is mine!!

Another good note, Mom is getting excited that I am learning how to tell her that I need to potty. I have gotten about 90% accurate. The other 10% I forget where I am and decide that the middle of the living room floor would be a great place to relieve myself! She get's upset about that, but she really is proud of me with my pottying.

Mom also keeps yelling NO at me. I don't know what that means yet - at all. I just kind of stare at her and keep doing whatever it is that I am doing. She gets really mad about that. But I am over it. I'll just let her keep yelling it and looking silly. Maybe one day she will learn that I don't care about that word.

Ahh, this feels so good, I can't stop....

Monday, January 28, 2008

Football and Calendars

Hey Guys!

I went to the vet this weekend and got a shot! Mom says I was such a good girl! She bought me a Puppy Plan and I have all my baby shots all lined up. Such a good mommy!

Mom and I have been playing a lot. One of my favorite toys is my football! Mommy has taught me to love football


I'm excited about watching the Super Bowl! Mom and I don't really care too much who wins, but daddy wants the Giants to win because he doesn't like New England. Mommy and I just want the scores to tally out well so that we can win some money with the Bowl Pool - she said she would buy me some yummy treats and cool balls if she won some money!

One last thought. When are the calendar people going to call me and ask me to pose for February?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Maeby Collage

At the request of my Grandma Fran, and some new friends, I decided to post some pictures mom has been taking of me the past week. A lot of them are of me sleep because that's what I do most (as of right now).

Mom says I have already started to grow since she got me! I'm excited to grow! I can't wait to be able to jump on Mom's bed and do big girl things!

Last night marked my first week with Mom and Dad!

Ok, ok, on to my pictures...

Right after mom and dad brought me home!

My first time eating at my new home. Mom hadn't gotten me my awesome bowls yet.

Laying on dad!

Aunt Ally teaching me the ropes of hanging out with Grandad!

I hate that collar!

Grandad putting me in his coat. It was so warm in there!

Stretched out!

Grandma says I can't get on the couch when I get bigger.

Superman has nothing on me!

Cuddling with daddy!

You know the sleep is good when that tongue gets loose!

Curled up on mom's pillow!

Playing with Uncle Zack!

Mom promises she will work harder on getting pictures of me in action!
I hope y'all like all of these!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hey New Friends!

Mom has been really mean lately. All I ever hear from her is "NO!" But I think when she is yelling at me, I'm supposed to stop doing something, I'm not quite sure yet...

Crate training is not fun. I was in the room all by myself, locked in a cage, and all I wanted was Mommy! I was so scared I accidentally made a mess. It wasn't as bad as the first time - now that one was bad!

Enough about that, I don't want to talk anymore about crates!

OH! In case you didn't know, mom has a blog too. She write about me sometimes.

Mom and dad took me to the store yesterday. They bought me a new elephant that squeaks - I LOVE IT!!! They also bought me some doggie crack, a.k.a. Dingos!

I've learn a new great game! Tug-of-war! I'm really good at it - I'll be even better when I get bigger. No one will ever beat me!

Oh yeah, I have made a couple of blog friends, hey y'all! I'm excited about reading what you are doing. I love making friends!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Crate Training Has Started. Boo.

I am back in Raleigh. I enjoyed going to Mom's hometown and meeting the grandparents and my Aunt Ally. Here is a picture of me and her. She is confused by me - mainly because I am a miniature Aunt Ally - but after a few visits, I see us running around and playing all day! Her is a picture of the two of us. She is trying to figure me out...

I am back home and mad at mommy! She has been "crate training" me and I don't like it! I cry and scream a lot to see if she will let me out, but she doesn't. I guess I will just have to get used to it. Maybe I will, maybe I won't...

Man I really wish dad was over here so I could play with his shoes, they are so yummy!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hi everyone! Mom has been on me about making a blog (whatever that is..). I guess now I get to write about my life and all my adventures!

Mom and grandma took me to the vet this morning. I just wanted to sleep, but someone woke me up. And as if waking me up wasn't bad enough, they stuck a really long stick in my bum. Jerks.

The good news - I am a healthy little girl! Everyone what really excited about that.
The bad news - I have to come back next week for a shot. Boo.

I've been hanging out with my Aunt Ally all weekend. She is fun. I am excited about seeing her sometimes on the weekend!

It's starting to snow outside, so I think I may go take a nap.