Monday, February 25, 2008

What I Have Been Up To....

Boy I have been a busy girl and so has mom. We have both been away from the computer lately - but I am here to tell you all about what has been happening, so hold on tight - here we go!

I have finally developed my toddler sprints! I make mom laugh so much when I take off and do laps around the kitchen table, couch, behind the recliner, and down the hall. I think she may love it as much as I do! This carpet sure has some good running traction.

I also finally figured out what "lay down" means. I think mom was way more excited than I was to learn that new trick.

I've been hanging out in my crate as much as I have been playing. Mom has been busy with school and observations that I have to hang out in there a lot. But she leaves me lots of treats and the television on so I get to catch the afternoon Judge shows, Maury, and Ellen. I still scream like crazy when mom closes that door, but when she comes back home I am laying down like a good girl!

I have also been the Queen of finding cool places to sleep. Look! Clean laundry!

I have figured out that I can jump onto the couch! I don't have to stare at mom anymore for her to pick me up, I just hop right on up there!

I found the coolest toy while wondering around mom's room. It flops back and forth really fast and makes a funky noise that I can't stand!

AND! Sometimes there are TWO of me running around here. I can't quite figure it out... but when I see my friend, I like to give her kisses and kisses!!

I miss my Ally and my grandparents! I hope to see y'all soon!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Busy Weekend

This weekend has been quite busy. I've been traveling, doctor seeing, and playing.

Yesterday I saw the doctor. I am 13 lbs! I gained four pounds since last visit; mom says it's because all those hicups that I have. I had another shot and didn't cry at all, but then came the poopie sample... of course I was screaming! You would too! It was negative. So all was good at the doctor!

I hung out with Ally and my grandparents this weekend and it was tons of fun as always! I enjoyed Ally the most becuase we got to run around and destroy toys. I can't wait until I am just a hair larger so that we can really play!!

I wanted to mention that I have a Dogbook and if you do too, then I would love you to add me.

Here is my link:

Mom says I have to go take a nap now because she has to go study...

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day all my lovely friends! I hope you all have spent the day with the humans and animals that love you most. I've spent most of my day with dad and have had a great time - mom has been on campus all day going to class and taking tests. I was so happy to see her this afternoon!

Mom has an early class on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but she comes back after that class. So that leaves me in the crate for a good two hours. I am generally a sweet girl, but today was a bit different. Whem mom got home from class I have a Suprise Valentine's gift for her... I pooped everywhere! All over my blanket, the crate cushion, the wires of the crate, all around the crate on the floor, and even some across the room. Mom was confused as to how I managed to get that stuff across the room. She was really mad, very mad! She didn't even talk to me until she picked me up this afternoon. She had to give me a bath, clean, and wash my blanket and cushion. I felt bad and I was really embarrassed, but I hate when she leaves me!

These pictures are really embarrassing, but Mom made me put them up here.
Sorry my Valentine's post was so crappy....
Mom is getting ready and all dolled up right now. She and dad are going out to eat; this is the first time they have gone out together since they got me, so I hope ya'll have fun!
I hope everyone had a great day!
**Also, to the comments I have been getting about Mom making a video of this or that... Mom's video camera stopped working for her during the summer and she has yet to get it fixed or get a new one, so I doubt I will be putting any videos up for now. (I'm sad too) But maybe over the summer when Mom works she will buy one and can start recording my every move. I bet she wish she had one set up this morning when I was performing Houdini acts!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a great weekend, I know I had a great weekend! We spent most of our time at my Grandparents' house - it was a blast. I hung out with Ally a lot. We played chase, tug-of-rope, and barked back and forth! I also spent a lot of my time trying to steal her yummy-yum food! Oh, and I pooped a lot in the house (which mom was not happy about).

Here we are loving up on Grandaddy!! (he loves it!)

Giving all of that love sure is some hard work - we need a nap!

Drinking some milk!

Playing tug of war!!

As you can see, we had a wonderful weekend together!!

On to other news... Mom loves teaching tricks. Over the years she has taught Aunt Ally to shake, shake with the other hand, give high fives, and to put her head down on command. She even taught Aunt Ally to do those things by just snapping. Ally is a great listener and picks up fast = so do I!! Mom has already successfully taught me to sit and to shake! I love to shake! Mom and I are both really excited about this! Mom saying lying down (along with walking on a leash) will be next!

Here is a picture of my new favorite place (I mentioned in my seven things). I like to lounge here when mom is behind that bathing curtain.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Seven Things and Aunt Ally

I was tagged by The Zoo Crew to list Seven Unknown Things About Me - so here we go:

1. I sleep with mom. The secret is out! I love falling asleep, curled up by mom's head and having my nose pressed up against some part of her face - that it my place! Of course, now that I am getting bigger, I end up in the middle of the bed all stretched out on my back.

2. I loooove, loooove, looooove to have my belly rubbed! Don't stop!

3. I have no perception of distance. I can't figure it out! I think that couch is only a foot away, so I jump, and I end up just jumping in the air. And a few steps later I make it to teh couch. Everyone always laughs at me becuase of it.

4. When mom hides behind that cutain in the bathroom, I get lonely. I can't quite figure out where she is or if she is gone. Well there is a shelf beside that curtain fully of fluffy towels, so I make my way up in there and curl up in the towels until she comes out. Mom has a picture, I will be sure to post it later!

5. I like to watch TV. I will sit infront of the TV and watch the people. They like to talk to me. One time I got really excited and curled up in a U and wiggled at them, but they didn't want to play.

6. I'm confused (sometimes) about what I am. I know I am a boxer because I curl up in a U and wiggle a lot, but I also hop a lot - I love to hop. Mom sometimes calls me a bunny.

7. I was named after a character on one of Mom and Dad's favorite TV shows. It's called Arrested Development.

So there it is, maybe when I get a little older I can think of more things!!
I believe I am supposed to tag some people, but I am not sure who has been tagged already... hmmm... how about...The Dogs of Jackman Ave, Mack, Kaiser, and Cairo. If I didn't tag you and you still want to do, please do and let me know. I would love to learn more about all my friends!!

Like I talked about earlier, I want to dedicate a day a week to my Aunt Ally! I am here with her this weekend and we are having a blast! I like to bark and act big with her, but then she stands over me and lets me know who is boss of the grandparents' house! Just wait a few months... and I will be your same size!

Aunt Ally has a beautiful voice and that is what I want to talk about today. She loves to sing and she can hold a note for so long! Here she is showcasing her wonderful talent!

That's my daddy in that video making Ally sing all funny and rubbing her neck!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Aunt Ally!!

Mom and Aunt Ally go way back. They have been best friends for years - nine to be exact! So, mom and I have decided to dedicate a day to Aunt Ally and each week, on that day, we will talk about Ally. Because Aunt Ally is an hour and a half away and I only get to see her about every two weeks, mom is going to have to help me with this - but Ally is such a cool girl, I am really excited about doing this!

So, here's to you Aunt Ally - Ally Fridays (I know it's Tuesday, but here is a picture of her to get you excited!)

Isn't she the coolest! I get to see her this weekend - YAY!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

My First Time in the Crate!

Yep, you guys read it right - tonight I endured my first time alone, in the hosue, in my crate. Dad left me in there with a dingo and my elephant. I would say I hung out for around 30 minutes and then mom came home. She came in and I was being a little angel, laying down and hanging out. She was so proud of me!

P.S. - I am a lot bigger now than that picture shows. Mom took that picture about a week (or so) ago. I am a growing girl! I was also TWO MONTHS old on Sunday - how about that?....