Monday, January 28, 2008

Football and Calendars

Hey Guys!

I went to the vet this weekend and got a shot! Mom says I was such a good girl! She bought me a Puppy Plan and I have all my baby shots all lined up. Such a good mommy!

Mom and I have been playing a lot. One of my favorite toys is my football! Mommy has taught me to love football


I'm excited about watching the Super Bowl! Mom and I don't really care too much who wins, but daddy wants the Giants to win because he doesn't like New England. Mommy and I just want the scores to tally out well so that we can win some money with the Bowl Pool - she said she would buy me some yummy treats and cool balls if she won some money!

One last thought. When are the calendar people going to call me and ask me to pose for February?


Fran said...

You have grown! Stop! I am coming to see you and you are supposed to be a baby!

Mack said...

You would make a great calendar girl!!

Tell your mom I hope her team wins so she can have lots of extra money to buy you treats!


KB said...

look at you running all over the place..i love my football too and we're definitely a giants household so goooooo giants!

mommy says u should give it a few years before becoming a calendar girl :) (wink, wink) hope all is well..

powder-puff said...


Nice to meet you!!

Wow you are so Adorable!!

lots of love!


Bella the Boxer said...

Hey Maeby, you look so cute with that little football. Check out my blog, I listed you as one of my buddies!

xoxo - Bella

Ferndoggle said...

Hi Maeby! My goodness are you teeny weeny! Hard to believe I was that little once. We love football around here, but NOT the Stoopid Patriots! We're partial to the Steelers, being that we live in Pixburgh & all.

Stop by and say hello sometime! We love to make new friends...well, at least Penny & I do. Just ignore my chubby grumpy brother Sherman.