Saturday, August 30, 2008

I've been busy - here is proof!!

I spent lots of time over the summer with my best friend Ally!

I've been playing outside and rolling around in the grass!

I learned how to put my doggy-paddle to use!

I played hide and seek!

I took lots and lots of naps AND learned that warm laundry is my favorite thing in the world!

And finally, mom and I made our big move to the mountains!


Peanut said...

wow lots going on. What a great move. Those mountains look great.

Chef said...

Hi Maeby. I like the shot of you playing hide and seek. I do that leg stretch thing too. You've moved to the mountains! How nice to live in the country air and have lots of green space around you.


happy said...

Sounds like you've been keeping yourself really busy there. Moving to the mountains? How nice! All the lovely fresh air!

The Zoo Crew said...

That hide and seek shot is the best!! Are you loving the mountains? My mama LOVES the mountains!!