Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Six Months Down!

Hey pups!

I am here writing to tell everyone that I am six months old today!! Yes, six months already! Mom says she can't believe it either. I've had a fun day full of running around the yard with Ally, some yummy canned food, and some rough stuffed animal playing! What a great day!

I am also becoming a big girl - 38 pounds as of right now! Mom feels like I have stopped growing, but I think it's just because she sees me everyday.

Mom and I are at the grandparents for the summer until we move to the mountains. This means I get to run and play tug-of-stuffed animal all summer long with Ally. She really knows how to play! She also knows how to take good naps!

I also wanted to say congratulations to Mom's NC State Wolfpack Baseball team for winning their regionals! GO PACK!


Amber-Mae said...

You're a big girl already Maeby! I can't believe how fast you grow. Yeah, my hoomans always thought I've stopped growing when I was still growing but that's becoz they see me everyday. BOL!

Butt shakes,
Solid Gold Dancer

happy said...

Is it 6 months already? How fast you've grown!

Mack said...

Wow you are really growing up Maeby!

And you get prettier with every post!!

Peanut said...

6 months old already. Holy Moly they grow up so fast. Have fun at your grandparents

KB said...

Mommy can't believe how tall you've gotten and I say what a beauty! :) Hope all is well at your grammies' house!! That HAS to be a complete BLAST!

Chef said...

Maebe, you really are a big, pretty girl. Tell your Mama you still have a whole lot of growing to do. I am already 72 lbs!! And I'm not even 2 yet... have fun with Ally.


Trailboss said...

How bout a new post? He's been 6 months old now for, oh, say a month!