Friday, February 8, 2008

Seven Things and Aunt Ally

I was tagged by The Zoo Crew to list Seven Unknown Things About Me - so here we go:

1. I sleep with mom. The secret is out! I love falling asleep, curled up by mom's head and having my nose pressed up against some part of her face - that it my place! Of course, now that I am getting bigger, I end up in the middle of the bed all stretched out on my back.

2. I loooove, loooove, looooove to have my belly rubbed! Don't stop!

3. I have no perception of distance. I can't figure it out! I think that couch is only a foot away, so I jump, and I end up just jumping in the air. And a few steps later I make it to teh couch. Everyone always laughs at me becuase of it.

4. When mom hides behind that cutain in the bathroom, I get lonely. I can't quite figure out where she is or if she is gone. Well there is a shelf beside that curtain fully of fluffy towels, so I make my way up in there and curl up in the towels until she comes out. Mom has a picture, I will be sure to post it later!

5. I like to watch TV. I will sit infront of the TV and watch the people. They like to talk to me. One time I got really excited and curled up in a U and wiggled at them, but they didn't want to play.

6. I'm confused (sometimes) about what I am. I know I am a boxer because I curl up in a U and wiggle a lot, but I also hop a lot - I love to hop. Mom sometimes calls me a bunny.

7. I was named after a character on one of Mom and Dad's favorite TV shows. It's called Arrested Development.

So there it is, maybe when I get a little older I can think of more things!!
I believe I am supposed to tag some people, but I am not sure who has been tagged already... hmmm... how about...The Dogs of Jackman Ave, Mack, Kaiser, and Cairo. If I didn't tag you and you still want to do, please do and let me know. I would love to learn more about all my friends!!

Like I talked about earlier, I want to dedicate a day a week to my Aunt Ally! I am here with her this weekend and we are having a blast! I like to bark and act big with her, but then she stands over me and lets me know who is boss of the grandparents' house! Just wait a few months... and I will be your same size!

Aunt Ally has a beautiful voice and that is what I want to talk about today. She loves to sing and she can hold a note for so long! Here she is showcasing her wonderful talent!

That's my daddy in that video making Ally sing all funny and rubbing her neck!


Cairo The Boxer said...

Wow! My daddy's favorite show is Arrested Development! That's so cool you are named after Maeby.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Maeby!
Thanks for sharing all those things about you! That helps us to know you better!
I love the video of your Aunt Ally singing!
Have a great weekend

Amber-Mae said...

Thanks for sharing those facts about yourself, Maeby! Now I know more about you now...Hey, maybe your mom can take a video of your trying to hop onto the couch. It sounds funny! Wow, Allie sure has got biiiiig lungs like Kreesteena Agooilera! She sings well! I can't sing coz I'm tone deaf.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Mack said...

Hi little Maeby!
I'm really gonna have to think super hard on my 7 things...

Yours are all very interesting - my favorite is #4. I can't wait to see the picture!
Ally has such a beautiful singing voice. Is she an opera star?

Have a great weekend cutie,

The Zoo Crew said...

I loved learning more about you! My favorite is #3! You need to post video of that one!

Peace + Paws,


Peanut said...

Maeby you are so cute. Don't worry about hopping like a bunny. I do that also. Oh and I sleep with my mom. there is nothing like sleeping with mom.

happy said...

That's some interesting facts about you, Maeby! Boy, can your Aunt Ally sing!